Nacuity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nacuity) announces that it has entered into an agreement with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) providing Nacuity with an exclusive worldwide license to the intellectual property (IP) underlying certain U.S. and foreign patent applications that Nacuity has filed in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. Read more...

Nacuity Pharmaceuticals CEO Halden Conner presented the company’s emerging drug N-Acetylcysteine Amide (NACA) at The Foundation Fighting Blindness' "Investing in Cures Summit" in Chicago, Illinois.

This post from the The Foundation Fighting Blindness' blog "Eye on the Cure" describes its investment in Nacuity Pharmaceuticals to advance RP treatment.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness, the leading charitable institution driving research to provide treatments for people affected by RP and AMD, issues a press release announcing its technical and financial support of Nacuity Pharmaceuticals.